Join us and get ready to DO! 

At UUTC, engaging in social action and lending our time, energy, and skills to help others is an essential component of what it means to live our faith and our principles. The Social Action Team, as part of its work, provides leadership within the congregation for impactful engagement in social justice endeavors that are aligned with UUTC goals and Unitarian Universalist values.

During a recent team retreat, it was decided that we would focus on the issue of homelessness. Soon after, we read about a local man who had been homeless and was able to turn his life around. His name is Eric Edwards and he was invited to tell his story to UUTC members and the community at large. We felt that his story is one of hope and therefore worthy of being heard. He helps the listener really understand that homelessness and adversity is not something over which we have total control. We all got a dose or two of inspiration! Please enjoy the following clip.

the dignity project

Our signature project, the Dignity Project, provides items that cannot be purchased using SNAP funds or are otherwise of great need to our most vulnerable--especially women and children. Every month, UUTC's Social Action Team contributes diapers, menstrual hygiene products, toothpaste, razors, condoms and more to our community partners who distribute these goods on our behalf. Learn more about the Dignity Project HERE

As a member of the UUTC Social Action Team, I seek to “walk the talk” for social justice. My way to do this is to tutor reading and writing at Schenck Job Corps, the federally-funded job training program for low-income young people age 16-24, located in Pisgah National Forest. This volunteer work is the most meaningful thing I do all week. I feel I am truly “making a difference” by fighting poverty and ignorance. I learn more from my students than they learn from me. They are training for a marketable skill they can use for the rest of their lives. I am thrilled to be part of the process.
— Janet Benway

A history of Involvement

From very early in UUTC's existence, we have devoted our energies to addressing needs and challenges in Transylvania County.

To aid those in need of low- or no-cost health care services, for example, one member brought to the congregation her experience with the free medical clinic in Hilton Head, and her dream of starting one here in Transylvania County. By inviting retired doctors, nurses, and others to a UUTC-sponsored presentation, we were able to recruit enough participants to achieve critical mass. The hard-fought efforts of that coalition led to the establishment of the Free Clinic. Until it was subsumed by Blue Ridge Health, it was supported with time and treasure by many in our congregation.

These two efforts demonstrate, I believe, two characteristics that are encouraged by our faith: the willingness to lead in addressing social concerns, and the willingness to build a coalition to accomplish a goal.
— Joanna Bliss

The story of The Haven is somewhat similar. Another congregant's awareness of homelessness in Transylvania County inspired her to seek help from like-minded community members to create a safe place to sleep for those who wanted support on the journey out of homelessness. From board recruitment to a feasibility study to fundraising, together many hands and hearts succeeded in creating the new shelter. The success of The Haven depends on the work and support of many, but without UUTC's involvement, it would not have gotten off the ground when it did. 

For me, being a member of UUTC and the Social Action Team is about keeping our doors open and welcoming to all. Our Welcoming Congregation is just one example. We would not be who we are without the richness our LGBTQ brothers and sisters have brought to our UUTC community in so many ways. And I like that we never stop looking for ways to reach out to others who might need to hear our message of openness to feel it is safe to enter our doors.
— Jane Hilliard