Your Charitable Giving Task Force is asking that you give serious consideration to the questions below. As a congregation, we strive to be intentional in meeting our Mission of promoting social, economic and environmental justice. To that end, please consider all three of these categories of justice in making your recommendations to the Task Force. We will be using both a quantitative assessment (total votes per agency) in a later instrument constructed from your responses in this instrument AND a qualitative assessment based on your answers to the questions below. 

Your chance to advocate for the agencies of your choice is now.  When you answer the question, "Why This Agency?" be truthful, be passionate, be thoughtful. You may complete this survey only once. 

In practice, once the agency selections have been made, the best "sales pitches" for these agencies will be used in the newsletter. Instead of having one article that repeats for 4 or 5 weeks, your statements will be used to create a more complete picture of the agency for each week of exposure. 

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