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Sam Pacetti -- Fingerstyle Guitar

"Folio Weekly: You’ve been through a lot lately, Sam—our condolences on the death of your mother.

Sam Pacetti: That was certainly meant to be—what a strange synchronicity, my mother’s name being Irma and her passing while the storm was right on top of us. I have really strong beliefs about what’s in store, so I think she’s on another journey.

Folio Weekly: What journey is Sam Pacetti on right now?

Sam Pacetti: That’s a difficult question and I don’t have a clear, concise, coherent answer to it. Right now, I’m in the Carolina Highlands on a bit of a quest. Many years ago, I had an incredibly intense experience of what Carl Jung might call the numinous, or the deep unconscious making itself manifest. I didn’t have the skill set at the time to understand what had happened, so I shut it off and compartmentalized it. About five or six years after that, I lost interest in music—I saw that I was going to have to make sacrifices that I wasn’t willing to make, and I didn’t possess the maturity to do it. So I walked away. I essentially lost my vision and my sense of vitality. I floundered for a period of time. But the magic came back."

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Some Press: 

Sam Pacetti is one of those musicians who elicits quiet, reverent whispers when other, great fingerstylists gather around the campfire and talk shop.

Like all good storytellers, he has a talent for finding poetic, even mystical weight, in seemingly ordinary events.

Matthew Shaw, First Coast Magazine


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