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Youthful Spine Workshop Series

This workshop series integrates a variety of fitness modalities to give you the skills to retain a healthy spine through correct posture, breathing, movement & spinal health exercises. Learn how to mobilize each movable vertebra, release the tightness in your back, and strengthen postural muscles to gently restore a youthful spine. The series integrates Pilates' movement principles with Yoga's timeless postures. 

This particular workshop session  is dedicated to posture training to prevent/improve spinal abnormalities. Examples treated are hyper kyphosis (abnormal curve in the thoracic spine or Dowager's Hump (hump in the cervical spine). 

  • Learn proper posture & alignment using the wall as your guide
  • Perform deep breathing techniques to mobilize the ribcage & gently lift the spine
  • Practice activating your core & pelvic floor to lift & support the spine

The Series is moderately paced. Please bring a yoga sticky mat. Students must be able to go down to and come up off the floor safely. The cost of $36 covers all three workshops in the Series. 

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