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The "G" Word

I feel I must confess that I sometimes use the word “God,” but also practice Zen Buddhism, which is known as an atheistic religion.  Sort of.  Some say there is a god, of sorts, in Buddhism.  Others say it’s not really a religion.  As UU’s, does this sound familiar?  How can we use language to explain the beliefs, values and principles that guide and motivate us?  How do we use words to describe the infinite?  And, are words really necessary? I have my opinions – and I sincerely want to know yours.  For, it is in dialogue that we find a common language, common ground, and common practices to transform ourselves, our community, our nation, and the world.  

Rev. Dr. Paula Gable

Earlier Event: August 12
Choir Rehearsal
Later Event: August 18
Men's Group