Everyone is UNIQUE and has different reasons for being here.

At UUTC, you get to be YOU.

Bring your individuality, your history, your unique perspectives and dreams, and find yourself fully accepted and embraced by the community. Try us out by coming to a service and meeting a few folks. We think you'll find us a fun and interesting bunch!

We mentioned during Joys and Sorrows on Sunday, October 19, 2014, that we were excited to be requesting a marriage license the next day. We found out when we arrived at the Register of Deeds that we were the first gay couple to do so in Transylvania County. What made the experience even more special was that 27 members of the congregation were there to support us! The following Sunday we got married in the sanctuary, right after second service, and were delighted to have a reception in our honor. Members and Friends of UUTC do not only speak out for social justice; they STAND UP and SHOW UP! We feel so loved in this congregation.
— Elizabeth Thompson & Susan Freeman

You can join with us in one of two ways:

Become a MEMBER of UUTC...

if you're at least 16 years old, by being in sympathy with our principles and purposes; agreeing to abide by the UUTC Bylaws and other decisions lawfully made by the Congregation or the Board of Trustees; committing to actively participate in the life of UUTC and to make a contribution of time, talent, and financial support, all as personal circumstances permit; meeting with the minister; and signing the membership book in the presence of the Minister or a member of the Board.

UUTC is a place where I know I will be warmly welcomed, accepted, and will find engaging, thoughtful, and stimulating interactions with like-minded souls.
— Will Sims

OR, if you're not quite ready to commit as formally ...

Become a FRIEND of UUTC...

by being in sympathy with our principles and purposes; participating in our life and activities; and requesting Friend status. Friends are encouraged to make a contribution of time, talent and financial support, as personal circumstances permit. Friends are entitled to all the services and privileges of UUTC, including the right to speak at meetings, but excluding the right to vote or hold an elective office.

Either way, we invite you to experience the wonderful sense of BELONGING that so many have found here. We hope to become your new spiritual HOME.