T to the Third Power 

Few, if any, of us belong to UUTC simply because we want to sit and listen to sermons. Of course, we all appreciate a good message on Sunday mornings. But we are not merely passive listeners! We are Inclusive, Intentional and INVOLVED.

Our congregation of Members and Friends is what POWERS UUTC. Each of us has something unique to share with other members of our spiritual community in the form of the Three Ts: Time, Talents and Treasure. 

Supporting our fellowship is simple:

  1. Give the gift of your time and energy. 
  2. Lend your talents. 
  3. Make a meaningful financial donation TODAY.  

It's easy with our secure online payment system.

You may choose to have your pledge amount auto-debited from a checking or savings account or from a credit or debit card.

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UUTC is rated a Silver-Level non-profit by GuideStar.


Donate with gifts of all kinds, including your noncash items!

In addition to money donations, we are now able to accept vehicle donations, jewelry, used cell phones, gift cards, stock, and much more! The proceeds from your donations will support our growing children's programs and preparations for a settled minister. Thank you for your generosity!

Personally, I am moving away from using the word “giving” toward use of the word “sharing.” So the question becomes, “Why do I share with UUTC?” and that answer has changed over time. I started sharing because that was what I did whenever I got involved with an organization; it’s how I was raised by my family. Now I share because by so doing I am making a difference — at UUTC, in greater Transylvania County, and most importantly in my own soul. My sharing is where the talk morphs into the walk, where the Seven Principles of UUism come to life. And in a very real sense I believe that by sharing I am actively participating in daily acts of creation in the world around me.
— Dave Hunter


There remains no gift greater than time and nothing so easy to waste. Good stewardship of time doesn’t mean being busy all the time. Time spent in meditation, nurturing relationships with family and friends or enjoying the beauty of the world around us is time well spent. Taking time to nourish ourselves spiritually can be the best thing we can do to deepen our relationships with our fellows. And GIVING of this great gift in service to community is perhaps the most satisfying offering of all.



We tend to think “talented people” are extraordinary achievers or have easily identifiable gifts such as musical or artistic abilities. But ALL of us have the ability to serve others in some way. Talents may include being a good listener, being able to organize people, relating well to children or teens, familiarity with computers and office equipment, or skill with our hands. When we are older our gift is knowledge from a lifetime of learning and experiences. 

UUTC offers a variety of opportunities for involvement, both on-campus and in the greater Brevard and Transylvania County communities that we call home. Our Greeters, Ushers, Worship Team and Music Team and others ensure a meaningful and deep hour of learning and reflection. Our Religious Exploration teams benefit from shared wisdom garnered over lifetimes that can in turn guide fellow journeyers. And every week discussion and Social Action groups are gathering at UUTC to encourage spiritual growth and serve the needs of our larger community. 


Your monetary gifts put our faith into ACTION. Whether your own “treasure” is small or large, EVERYONE's financial support makes a difference. Being invested in the UUTC community provides dividends in spiritual growth and the irreplaceable feeling of being part of a family of like-minded people striving for a shared goal. 

T to the Third Power! The simple act of giving strengthens your connection to your spiritual community, as well as empowering its mission.

Please consider making a pledge (weekly, monthly, or one time) if you're able.

My wife Judy and I wandered into a service at UUTC one Sunday in November 2012 and were taken with the warmth and welcome extended to us. Attending the Men’s Group, I found my thoughts on various subjects considered thoughtfully even when they ran counter to the main current. Attending a Covenant Circle allowed me to share more deeply into the lives and beliefs of a close-knit circle of new friends. The acceptance I felt encouraged me to give back of my time and talent, and in doing so I have developed new friendships that are engaging my thoughts, expanding my skills, and enhancing my knowledge – spiritually, socially, and professionally. The rewards of giving time, talent and treasure have today paid me back a hundredfold in the richness of my life.
— Dave Roberts