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Our Mission is to support individual spiritual journeys and to promote social, economic and environmental justice. As part of our work we support women in recovery with the Varsity Oxford House, and we support the very human needs of those less fortunate with our Dignity Project, which provides personal hygiene and other items to the homeless or financially challenged through our partners in the community. You can support this work with your own donations to UUTC.

UUTC is rated a Silver-Level non-profit by GuideStar.

Donate with gifts of all kinds, including your noncash items.

In addition to money donations, we are now able to accept vehicle donations, jewelry, used cell phones, gift cards, stock, and much more! The proceeds from your donations will support our growing children's programs and preparations for a settled minister. Thank you for your generosity!

Personally, I am moving away from using the word “giving” toward use of the word “sharing.” So the question becomes, “Why do I share with UUTC?” and that answer has changed over time. I started sharing because that was what I did whenever I got involved with an organization; it’s how I was raised by my family. Now I share because by so doing I am making a difference — at UUTC, in greater Transylvania County, and most importantly in my own soul. My sharing is where the talk morphs into the walk, where the Seven Principles of UUism come to life. And in a very real sense I believe that by sharing I am actively participating in daily acts of creation in the world around me.
— Dave Hunter
My wife Judy and I wandered into a service at UUTC one Sunday in November 2012 and were taken with the warmth and welcome extended to us. Attending the Men’s Group, I found my thoughts on various subjects considered thoughtfully even when they ran counter to the main current. Attending a Covenant Circle allowed me to share more deeply into the lives and beliefs of a close-knit circle of new friends. The acceptance I felt encouraged me to give back of my time and talent, and in doing so I have developed new friendships that are engaging my thoughts, expanding my skills, and enhancing my knowledge – spiritually, socially, and professionally. The rewards of giving time, talent and treasure have today paid me back a hundredfold in the richness of my life.
— Dave Roberts