Growing Younger with Kashmyra Asnani

NEW Comprehensive Reverse Aging Fitness Class                                             

Let Us Grow Younger Together! 
As we age, our bodies lose moisture, our joints get jammed, spines collapse & bodies go into gridlock, unless we integrate into our day, methods to MOVE, STRETCH & PLAY in every imaginable way.  Watch your cat do exactly that!  In this versatile class, we incorporate Yoga for flexibility; Tai Chi walk; fun games for balance, coordination & the heart; resistance bands to build strength & muscle tone; targeted exercises to build bone mass, strengthen the eyes, tone the facial muscles & more.  No need to go down to the floor.

$40 for 4 weeks.  5th week in a 5 week month is FREE!
Class is ongoing.  Join Anytime.  Fees prorated