Building Use Survey

This survey is designed to "take the pulse" of all Members and Friends of UUTC as we consider how best to prepare for our current and future needs. Please take the time to consider your answers carefully, so that your answers most accurately reflect your judgment about the issues raised in each question. 

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Survey Questions
The minister's office is the appropriate size to attract our next settled minister.
The kitchen size & location meets our needs.
The nursery is large enough to comfortably accommodate both infants and toddlers.
The classrooms/meeting rooms are adequate for our needs in the next five years.
If we decide to add space, I favor adding on to the current building as the best option.
I would financially support an addition to this building.
My group would enjoy a more informal meeting space with comfortable seating.
We have private rooms for individuals and small groups to conference in when necessary.
Our building has enough space to support vibrant programming for children and teens, as well as adults.
The foyer is welcoming and attractive to visitors.
I am happy with the "face" that UUTC presents to newcomers, inside and out.
The interior looks to be in good repair, orderly and clean.
I want to see our congregation grow.
Social and spiritual activities outside of Sundays are important to me.