Dodging a Big One...

...a Big Tree, that is!

Sunday, shortly after the second service, a large white pine from our Broad Street neighbor's yard lost its grip on the soil and came crashing down onto the UUTC campus. It could have been a real disaster, but it wasn't. 

Whether it was the sacrificial diversion by the sweet gum tree-- which lost 4 of its limbs in the process-- or just divine intervention, this pine missed every car, and every person, and only damaged the gutter of the building itself. Quite a feat, given the size of the tree. 


These images are somewhat deceptive, so here's a couple night time views. After dark fell and the lights went on, Brevard policemen and firemen were on campus to make sure everything was OK-- Doug D. & Elizabeth T. both happened on them and assured them that UUTC already knew as the "event" took place earlier in the day. 


When you step back a bit, you get a better sense of the scale....

So this morning, Jake Zimmerman and the TreeZ Crew were on hand to commence the clearing up. They brought in the heavy equipment and the big chain saws, and before you could finish off a pot of coffee, they had the place almost looking like nothing had ever happened. 

All swept up

All swept up

Only the stump remains

Only the stump remains

All that remains is the recycled tree-- ready to become soil-building mulch at the Varsity properties when the time is right. Big thanks to Jake & his crew for the timely and beautiful work!