Preparing for Christmas


So much happening!

Tonight, the Worship Team will be hosting their second annual Solstice Service at 7:00pm. Unlike most services, this one requires no order of service and no hymnals. What a gift to the office--they even created their own PowerPoint! 

Tomorrow, we will be caroling (6:00) in support of the Varsity Oxford House, which is a home for women in rehab. We all know that Christmas can be a time of agony for those separated from loved ones and family...and sometimes even for those who are NOT separated. So we will sing carols and share coffee and cookies and a few gifts. 

This week, the office (which is a term that covers the work of paid staff and a bunch of volunteers) have produced three orders of service, three PowerPoints, a sheet of carol lyrics for the choir... and that's just to get us through Sunday. Like most churches, this is an exceptional time of year. Given that next week is a week off for staff, we are also working on next week's newsletter and the order of service for January 31st. 

Imagine how awful it would be if we had no work? No community to support through our hearts, hands and minds? It is a season of gratitude, and we are filled with it. Thanks to all of you who are a part of the UUTC community.